Massage Therapist In Traverse City For Over 30 Years

Richard Sutton, LMT
Richard has been using therapeutic massage techniques to help those with muscular, connective tissue, and neural challenges for over 30 years.

As a child he was encouraged to carry a love of nature, appreciating its beauty and value, and observing how it works. He was entertained by being taught wonderful workings of the physical world by his physics teacher father. These were big features in his upbringing.

Early in his adult life he made his living as a production potter making stoneware on the wheel where he developed his skills of perceiving inconsistencies in the strengths and weaknesses in the soft clay beneath its surface. This sensitivity to the feel of subsurface conditions turned out to be valuable later in life.

Later, when he was involved in getting his Master of Fine Arts degree he developed friendships with a group of professional modern dancers and dance faculty at the university. Dancers are very committed to maintaining the highest possible functioning of their bodies. These friends brought him to an awareness of the importance of massage therapy. So, training to become a massage therapist was  his next step.

Over the years further training brought him knowledge and additional skills in a variety of bodywork therapies, which he folds together in his work. His work now includes:

His work is complimentary to the Osteopathic Manual Techniques and other modalities used by Dr. Sam Copeland and other bodywork professionals.

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